Application forms

I have often said that if there was one thing that the department for education could do for newly qualified teachers it would be to bring in a centralised application form for all job seeking teachers to use. I have completed many, many application forms over the past few years in my hunt for a permanent job, and they are all different, yet all require identical information. Cvs are not accepted, so you are supposed to spend your time typing up your employment and education history again and again. Copy and paste won’t work as each require slightly different formatting. The forms are frustrating. Today’s effort has been winding me up, as every time I type and press return the existing text in the box vanishes! I’d be much happier putting my effort and brain processes into writing a stellar, personalised cover letter, but instead I constantly bang my head against a brick wall trying to complete these ridiculous application forms!

Bah humbug!

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4 Responses to Application forms

  1. amy says:

    completely agree. I sent off 4 application forms a couple of weeks ago for my first NQT post, and it took about 6 hours to get it done. Things kept moving and disappearing. All four forms required the same info. I was very bored by it all.

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