I have nothing to add and nothing to say, but I thought I should just drop a line as it has been months since I wrote anything.

I’m job hunting as much as ever. I’ve had one job interview (an unsuccessful one) and supply hasn’t just been quiet this half term, it’s been dead. On the up side I have now moved home (now a home owner – how terrifyingly adult). I’ll be back – when there’s something to say…

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2 Responses to Update

  1. Marcus Harben says:


    This is a genuine request from a genuine TV producer. I want to pitch a doc about the perils of being a supply teacher and I was wondering if we could get talking as I really like your blog.

    Kind regards,

    Marcus Harben

    • walkingthroughmud says:

      Hi Marcus,

      just wondering if you had gotten anywhere with ur supply teaching doc?
      I’m a supply teacher in a similar position and so am just generally interested.


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