An interview at last! Woop woop!

Hooray! I was starting to believe that my application technique was seriously flawed and that I would never get a job! Seems I was wrong. Thank goodness! Especially as this is a job I never thought I’d even be considered for.

Fingers crossed 🙂

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2 Responses to An interview at last! Woop woop!

  1. Catriona says:

    Hi there,
    I just stumbled upon your blog and it’s been great to see someone who’s in the same boat.
    I am an MFl NQT too except I never got an nqt position. I think I fecked things up by buggering off travelling as soon as I passed my PGCE, but on my return to the UK my ambitions and enthusiasm for starting my induction began to wane. I was lucky to get a ‘temp’ role in a school in London working as an attendence officer. Testing the water a little bit before applying for next year’s batch but after about 40 applications and interviews with EXCITING Supply agencies I became very fed up. They just left me feeling used and I was working as a supply teacher on CS rate. When that dried up I signed on and was told by Job seekers that I should not be too pick about what jobs I applied for…a degree, a master’s and a PGCE later…and I’m picky for holding off for a measly NQT scraps here and there…

    Anyways, by this Christmas I had had enough – my bank balance got as low as 28 pounds. Job Seekers was cut as I got 4 days supply (day rate 125 pounds) meant I had to sign off but that went on rent and money I had owed. So I started looking at teching positions back home in Ireland. Sure, it’s different system and I am no nearer my NQT-dom I figured it would be worth a shot. And it was! I got 7 weeks after Christmasm teaching French – beautiful French – and it was so nice to be infront of kids and trying to make them laugh and learn. I have 6 weeks more after Easter and then I know I am back to square one. I have applied to a few jobs on TES but the applications are so bloody time consuming. Also, I never hear back so my application is probably rubbish. Who can I get to verify mine? Is there any company….

    Anyways, sorry for the rant – just nice to get that off my chest. I am also looking into teaching abroad come Sept. Don’t want to get stuck again. Maybe Korea or somewhere like that. Learn Korea and be more employable. I only have French and History as my degree subjects so I never get considered for MFL jobs. Have beginners’ Spanish but it’s not good enough to teach. Maybe I could learn it over there for the year.

    Anyways, hope you get that job!!!!!!!!!!!!

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