Treading Water

The reason I don’t post often isn’t because I have nothing to write, but rather the opposite. A lot of things occur to me, but because of the mass of ideas none of them end up written.

At the moment I feel like I’m treading water, waiting for my career to begin. As a result my ideas tend to remain half formed.

For a general update on my situation – I’ve recently signed on with another agency, I feel very positive about it. Once my references are through they should have some short term work and some longer term subject specialisms.

Work hasn’t really lived up to it’s billing as the busiest term so far. But I am working a little bit, even if I have to accept the odd cover supervisor day to make ends meet.

On working as supply CS – Agencies tell me that their hands are tied on CS. If they refuse to supply them then schools will go elsewhere. If they send unqualified CS with no experience and no classroom management skills, then they might not perform well, so they have no choice but to send teachers. Even though agencies don’t approve they feel they have to do as the schools ask.

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