I’ve got an agency I use very infrequently. They’ve called today to ask if I’m available for work tomorrow. Excellent, I think, I can work tomorrow. It’s at X school, half a day, cover supervisor.

I’m a qualified teacher. I’m being asked to spend an hour each way travelling (spending about £7 on transport costs) do half a days work – exactly the same work I would do as a supply teacher – but for half the money I would get as a supply teacher.

I turned it down. Do you blame me?

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3 Responses to Outrageous

  1. Norwegian teacher says:

    No, I don’t blame you.

    Btw, what is the rate per hour for a cover supervisior versus a supply teacher?

  2. hayden says:

    Cover Supervisor rate (Somerset, Academy School) £8.72 per hour or approx £11,000 per year as we are only paid for 43 weeks of the year for a 30 hour week.

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