Hi again

I know it’s been forever since I last updated this blog, and I apologise for that. The reasons for this are many, complex and ever changing. Basically, I went into a temporary job straight from my PGCE, leading to me completing 2 terms of my NQT year. Another two terms later and I am still an NQT. As you might imagine this can be demoralising. I didn’t get into teaching to do supply. General cover is killing me – I am a languages teacher, not a biology teacher, not an SEN teacher and not a PE teacher. I spend more time babysitting than I do teaching. My lesson planning skills are vanishing and my languages skills are becoming rusty. I haven’t had any training in the last two terms and I don’t see any coming my way any time soon. Oh, and my finances are a mess!

When I left you I was enthusiastic, keen and naive. I return a little more cynical, a little more seasoned and a little less idealistic. Who knows, I may regain some of my previous enthusiasm if my situation changes. Maybe not. You might have to keep reading to find that out.

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3 Responses to Hi again

  1. Karita says:

    Would you be willing to move if a job came up in another part of the country?

  2. Miss B Have says:

    Yep, though we’re only looking in the North really. I tried to talk him into a job in Switzerland recently, nothing doing…

  3. Tracy Robertson says:

    Hey! Its good to hear from you again. I know its hard with so much going on but I really enjoy being able to relate to you. I am too an NQT who feels a little jaded

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