Why finding a job was so difficult

Considering that languages are a ‘shortage subject’ and trainees are paid with this in mind, many people wonder why I struggled so much to find a job – here are a few examples (just from this weeks news) which illustrate the climate in which linguists are trying to find work:

A fifth of primary schools ‘will struggle to meet 2010 languages target’

Low numbers shut French course

Bright students ‘shun languages’

In all areas of the education system, languages are being devalued and neglected. In the past schools taught languages all the way up to GCSE – this is not the case now. Schools don’t like them because it’s harder to get the illustrious A*-C grade and so don’t push them. Languages departments are shrinking rapidly, with many departments only offering one language (usually French) because that’s all they are required to offer.

If we do believe, as a society, that languages are necessary, then we need to do better.

If we dont – then why are we bothering to teach them at all?

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One Response to Why finding a job was so difficult

  1. It’s such a shame! I’m sure language-learning helps with other areas of learning too.
    Congratulations on your hard-won job, anyway.
    Glad I found your blog. I’m new to teacher-blogging so it’s good to find other teacher-bloggers.
    Enjoy the hols!

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