No s**t Sherlock!

I don’t know what they think language teachers do to prepare pupils for oral exams, but I can’t really believe anyone thinks this is a surprise! To be honest, I’m not sure what else teachers can do. If they were teaching pupils to speak the language then maybe it would be a problem, but we’re teaching them to pass exams, aren’t we?

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One Response to No s**t Sherlock!

  1. I’ve got to admit I was quite surprised when I first found out how pupils prepare for oral exams. Chatting with some of my pupils one day, I realised that they had been given scripts to learn for their language exams. The top set had had to write their own scripts, which had been marked and corrected and returned with a week to go so that they could learn the lines verbatim. I did wonder what the point was. There was no notion of interchanging vocabulary or developing a topic. But you’re right, we are expected to teach children to pass exams rather than play with language, and what a pity that is.

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