It’s Snow Joke

Ok, ok, I know, terrible title. Tough – I have a twee sense of humour and it made me snigger.

Anyway. I was reminded at the weekend that I’m due a rant, and that my most recent education related rant would make a good post. So here it is.

So apparently teachers are lazy! I know, this is an established fact. They only work 9-3, get loads of holiday and are responsible for everything wrong with children today. Successful young people are only successful due to their own hard work and their parents love and support.

Honestly – I don’t know why we bother having schools at all. Complete waste of time and hard working tax payers money. Oh, that’s right, schools are there to keep the kids busy while their parents are at work. According to this parent’s group the fact that many schools closed due to a bit of snow sends the wrong message, when the going gets tough it’s ok to stay home and build a snowman.

Well yes actually!

We get this type of weather once a decade at the most. What – teachers should almost kill themselves getting to school, just so that parents aren’t inconvenienced? Because as far as I’m concerned this outcry has absolutely nothing to do with the ‘message’ and everything to do with the fact that parents had to get last minute childcare.

Teachers don’t decide to close the school, they also don’t usually live near the school they teach in, unlike the kids and their parents, so they are more likely to struggle to get in than the pupils and their parents. This means that the head – who ultimately make the decision – is stuck with trying to run the school without enough teachers, with pupils arriving in dribs and drabs as transport makes it in, with a cover lesson nightmare and usually not enough teachers to cover the amount of pupils there (there’s a certain ratio of teachers to pupils required by law) and then eventually having to close the school anyway. That’s what happened in my placement school in December. Everyone tried to get there, they insisted they wouldn’t close, but they had to anyway.

1 in 5 people in London didn’t go to work last Monday. No one writes articles about lazy shop assistants who didn’t get in. No one complains that Estate agents were closed. What about GPs? Did they all make it in? University lectures were called off – is that a travesty? After all, lecturers were sending the same message to our future professionals (teachers, doctors, lawyers etc). Why is that not a problem?

Schools have a responsibility to educate the young people in their care. NOT to provide childcare facilities. Yes, it’s inconvenient, yes it’s irritating, but in the end the responsibility for children rests with the parents. They should stay home, spend some time with their children and play with them – not complain about how inconvenienced they’ve been by the laziness of teachers.

So here’s my advice for the next snow day. Stay home. Build a snowman!

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3 Responses to It’s Snow Joke

  1. Karita says:

    Excellent rant! I even see a wee bit of my input there… 😉

    Now get off the internet, you lazy, good-for-nothing teacher!

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  3. Julie says:

    We hear that sometimes too… I remind myself that the people making the criticisms of teachers’ work are those who could not under pain of firing squad do the job that we do every day. They could not silence a group of rowdy seventh graders with a raised eyebrow. They could not get to know 250 kids at a time, down to personal issues and educational strengths. Let them criticise: I make a difference every day, and I don’t know any accountants or engineers who can say the same.
    So there!
    (Also, schools here are frequently open in spite of the weather. I wish we had more snow days, but in the Canadian west we have urban legends about children who battle their way through a blizzard (uphill both ways) only to freeze to death in the doorway of the locked schoolhouse.)

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