A proper teacher

Well, ok, not really. But I did teach my very first whole lesson today – from beginning to end, entering the room until being dismissed, they were my class. I enjoyed it very much. I think they did too, and more importantly, I’m pretty sure they learned something. We played with flashcards. I love flashcards. Perhaps that’s a sign I’m in the right job. 🙂 Just being cautious though, you must remember that this is a particularly nice year 7 group, and I also saw the year nines today (though I didn’t have to attempt to teach them anything at least) and they gave me the biggest headache. They call me stupid names, they won’t shut up and seem to have no concept of what’s appropriate. They aren’t the hardened hooligans you see in other schools, they are smart, energetic boys in need of an attitude adjustment.

I can’t help but feel critical of the teacher, who is very relaxed with them. I don’t want to, because I’m not the experienced one. I worry that my adopting a more authoritarian style will be seen as an insult to this teacher. I think that the thing is that the teacher’s style works well for her, but it blatantly won’t work for me. I can’t have casual lessons, I think they need boundaries, and when it’s my turn I’ll just have to do the best I can to deal with them. The problem is that I take them over very soon (next week even) and I haven’t thought of a solution yet. Bill Rogers calls it the establishment phase – the time in which you make sure the class knows what you will and what you won’t stand for. I’ll just have to try it and see.

And at least I’m seeing the year sevens again tomorrow.

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One Response to A proper teacher

  1. phil says:

    I came to your website via “to miss with love” and the one thing i have seen from her site being authoritarian is the way fwd, You actually get the respect fom the children and i think they need that.
    And while it was a decade ago now when i left school it was the teachers who didn’t take the back chat from anyone who commanded the most respect from me and my classmates and who i would finish the work for as i knew they would be problems if i didn’t. The classes that we used to act up in were always the “weak” teachers and this is from a boy who went to a private school in switzerland.

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