Fail to plan – plan to fail

Well, erm, today I didn’t plan well enough for my little bit of teaching, and as a result it didn’t work out all that well. Oh well, you live, you learn.

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4 Responses to Fail to plan – plan to fail

  1. Flea says:

    It’s a good experience, and honestly I think they should engineer experiences like this in the training.

    Unless you learn how to make stuff up as you go along you’ll die later on, either when things go wrong that are out of your control or you just don’t have (and you really, really don’t) time to plan (as you will be caught up in endless bullshit meetings, trust me).

  2. missbhave says:

    Hello Flea (great name).

    I think there was a certain amount of engineering involved in giving me this class in the first place – they’re a nightmare for their class teacher so there’s no reason to believe they’ll be any better for me. I would have gotten away with it with any other class on my timetable I think.

  3. Razzler says:

    Where have you gone?

  4. Chapati says:

    A lesson for us all!

    By the way, I listed you here

    as part of a project a group in the blogging world have started – details here


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