Wow – it wasn’t a fluke!

I’ve had another bash at teaching today – a listening exercise in this case. And once again I got some very good feedback. I’d love to take all the credit, but I definitely feel that I wouldn’t be experiencing as much success as I am if it weren’t for the excellent support I’m getting from staff at school. Not to mention the fact that this school (which a recent ofstead rated as ‘outstanding’) contains some of the nicest, politest and cleverest boys you’ll ever see at school. I still find it difficult to believe that when I tell a boy to sort his tie out, and say it in German, they do it! I give them an exercise to do, and they do it! I’m not sure I’ll ever really get my head around it.

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3 Responses to Wow – it wasn’t a fluke!

  1. Well done… but yeah, don’t get too used to the compliancy!

  2. razzler says:

    Wow, well behaved teenage boys? Not a phenomenon I’ve ever come across before…

  3. missbhave says:

    Indeed – it is contrary to normal teenage boy behaviour. At first I thought I was in the Stepford school!

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