SATS scrapped

Well knock me down with a feather – Balls is starting to make some popular decisions! As a linguist, SATS at 14 were never going to affect me directly, but as far as I’m concerned any opportunity to free children and teachers from the stress of teaching and learning to test is a good thing. They just have to get rid of the tests for year 6 pupils and we’re halfway there.

Yesterday I had a lecture confirming Ranting Teacher’s assertion that education is full of BSAs. ECM (every child matters), NEET (not in education, employment or training) and BSF (building schools for the future) were among the ridiculously long list thrown at me during this lecture, along with a lot of nice words about the ‘core entitlement for 2010’ – that schools will have to be open all day every day for adult learning and community activities, there will have to be a variety of activities offered and there should be lots of support for young people, meaning that teachers will no longer be expected to deal with everything themselves.

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