Househunting :(

I spent the weekend in the North (which seemed especially grim due to the torrential rain). I was wet and miserable and tramping around scruffy rental properties (with much too high price tags on them) in a rough area of Leeds. Not pleased. It turns out all the viewings we’ve lined up were in the same area and we hated the area. We found an area we do like, but it’s a bit late now. We’ll have to take another trip. Fortunately the area we like is where my French course is, so perhaps I can combine the french course with some quality house hunting. Mister Meanor can always trust my judgement. We just don’t have the time to take another jaunt to Leeds before the course starts. 

This moving house stuff is very stressful, I’m not looking forward to buying one, if getting a rental is this frustrating.

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3 Responses to Househunting :(

  1. The Razzler says:

    Househunting sucks. Hope you find somewhere you’ll be happy in.

  2. thinkbubble says:

    What was the area that you looked in?

    I used to live in Leeds, so I know the nice areas if you need any tips…

    I am sure you will find somewhere, and often you don’t like a place at first, but once you have moved your stuff in and make it your own I am sure you will be happier:)

  3. missbhave says:

    Well, we looked in Pudsey and Bramley, and it just wasn’t what we wanted and the places were often pretty awful. We’re now looking at Horsforth, which seems more like what we had in mind.

    There’s still time, we will find somewhere, but it would help if we didn’t have to make frequent trips up north to go hunting 🙂

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