Just because

I’ve been a bit busy lately, and haven’t posted. Also, I’m a bit short of things to say. 

Just about the only good thing to be happening at the moment (PGCE wise at least) is that tomorrow is my last French evening class, so its back to home study until the intensive course begins next month. I’ve enjoyed the classes, but I’ve missed the time I could have spent at home with Mister Meanor (my OH), as I’m very aware of how busy I’ll be next year. I’m not enjoying the waiting – I have things in pipelines, but I have to wait for responses from letters, for the ‘right’ time to go house hunting, and as a consequence I’ve nothing exciting to say, at least not anything education related. 

I did think about wading in on the failing schools story, but I think that’s been pretty well canvassed everywhere. Local authorities with grammar schools have failing comprehensives and the government has ignored it’s own contextual value added measurement in favour of using raw GCSE results. There’s very little more to say on the subject.

Perhaps I need some inspiration… I’ll be back soon, hopefully with something interesting to say. 

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One Response to Just because

  1. reteacher says:

    I presume that some will use this as a reason to abolish grammar schools. But the thing is would more of the pupils who don’t get the grades have got them if the selective system wasn’t there? The overall figure for the schools may have been higher than the 30% but that doesn’t mean that the pupils would have improved their grades.

    When I did my GCSEs (we were the first year to do them) we were told that A-C grades were the equivalent of the old O’Level. So since when was every child expected to get 5 O’Levels when a lot of them weren’t even entered for them. Surely in this respect the non-grammer schools in these areas are a success because previously none of the students would have sat exams to the equivalent level of GCSEs.

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