Situation update take, erm, what number am I up to?

Right! To do list progress!

Today I managed to get my request for a certificate of good conduct signed, stamped and in the post. It’s cost cheques for £12 and £10.30 as well as 72p postage. Just have to wait for it to arrive now.

I’ve got my application for (another) student loan in to be assessed, including all the necessary beaurocracy, and I’ve informed my bank that I’ll be a student again and will need the overdraft facility for another year. More waiting.

I’ve emailed a primary school (actually my old one) to organise the obligatory week’s observation. Apparently we need to get a grounding in primary education to prepare us for secondary teaching. They’ve already, kind of, agreed to it so I just need to formalise it. Still waiting.

My OH (Let’s call him Mr Meanor, to fit in with the trend) has an interview (the final part of the interview process for a job he applied for a couple of months ago) and it’s in a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed!

We’ve started contacting letting agencies ‘up north’ looking for somewhere appropriate to live. It’s rather exciting actually. I get to be strict about my requirements for a big kitchen diner, gas hobs and spare bedroom big enough for me to turn into an office.

I’ve started working through the textbooks for my French course, should be fine. I’m also seriously considering a short holiday in Germany in August. Hopefully this should help me get my languages balanced out.

I still need to go look at some properties, cancel gym membership and the rental on our current place and get all financial and paperwork based loose ends tied up, not to mention the practicalities of moving, but I’m on track so far.

Life almost reorganised.

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4 Responses to Situation update take, erm, what number am I up to?

  1. The Razzler says:

    You’re going back to the old primary – how exciting!

    Mr Meanor?

  2. missbhave says:

    Well, I’m Miss B Have, so he’s Mr Meanor (misdemeanor – geddit?)

    Well, and I’m hoping to go back, if all goes well. It’s somewhat conveniently located for my parents’ house. Some of the old teachers are still there I think! I doubt they’ll remember me, maybe my brothers though.

  3. The Razzler says:

    Ahhh… Mr Meanor – I get it now!

    I’m a bit thick.

  4. reteacher says:

    Glad I’m not the only one that didn’t get it!

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