New Home!

Hi all

I decided that I wanted something a little shinier and sparklier than Blogger – so here is my edublog! I suppose I’m hoping that its new educational home will draw new, education related readers and commentators. It’s a wordpress blog essentially, but for people in education. 

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4 Responses to New Home!

  1. reteacher says:

    Welcome to edublogs. I set up an account here but haven’t done anything with it. You have prompted me to 🙂

  2. reteacher says:

    Ooops, should have said – this is WillowFae

  3. missbhave says:

    I guessed 🙂 Love your avatar.

  4. reteacher says:

    Just one I had from my other journal. Playing with a few at the moment. Not seen the yahoo ones before, yours is good 🙂

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