Getting there

Another situation update – I’m now officially checked and cleared. I am not a criminal! By this I mean of course that I got my enhanced disclosure CRB check back. However – I still need proof of good behaviour in Germany, to pass the French course (and I don’t know if I’m even on it yet) and to sort out a student loan. 

Just to make matters more annoying, I received a letter calling me for jury service, in early July, exactly when I’m not really available to be away from work as it’s my last month. I’m going to try and get excused, on the basis that I’m not really free in July and getting it postponed would be impossible due to the course. Oh, and it was sent to my parents house, I haven’t lived in that part of the country for several years and I shouldn’t even be registered at that address, so I’m not really available for jury service there anyway! Grr!

I seem to be ranting a lot, I do apologise. I’ll try and be sunnier in future, promise!

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2 Responses to Getting there

  1. razzler says:

    Don’t worry, dear – a blog is a wonderful place to rant!

  2. Ranting Teacher says:

    Ranting comes with the territory!

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