More hoops

My university have contacted me, to ‘suggest’ that I get evidence of good behaviour in Germany as I lived there for 8 months and the CRB check won’t cover it. This can take the form of a letter from my employer or a certificate of good behaviour from the authorities. To get this, I need to complete a form with basic identifying details on it, I then need to get this stamped by an embassy, consulate (£15), notary public (unknown charge) or public authority (whatever that really means) as proof that I am who I say I am and then send this, plus 13 euro to Germany to get this document! It’s going to cost me about £30 quid once postage and any bank charges are taken into account, just to prove I was well behaved, add this to the original CRB charge and I think I have a right to be a little bit peeved. I know it’s necessary to check I’m not a child-molester, but really….. this seems a little over the top to me. 

OK, rant over!
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2 Responses to More hoops

  1. razzler says:

    Man, what a pain! Gotta love pen-pushers! I feel for you.

  2. Ranting Teacher says:

    It never end does it! Don’t worry, you’ll get there, and all this form filling is good practice for when you start teaching!

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