Just to keep my loyal readers up to date with the story so far.

  • I have applied online for a student loan, I just need my OH to provide his financial details. 
  • I have contacted my bank to find out how to keep hold of my student account for another year (i.e., my interest free overdraft facility).
  • I have sent off my application for a French subject knowledge booster course and started an evening class for two hours once a week, as well as getting hold of every teach yourself course going.
  • I have completed and returned my CRB check paperwork and medical fitness questionnaire
  • I have accepted my place both directly to my institution and to the gttr.
  • I have also started a website dedicated to collecting useful web sites and resources for teaching languages in particular but also teaching in general. When that goes live I’ll post a link to it here.
  • Now I just need to make sure I have gotten some of life’s important things out of the way – doctors, dentist and opticians spring to mind. I also need to make sure my OH has a job and that we both have somewhere to live.

    If anyone thinks I’ve forgotten something please let me know!

    A work colleague recently referred to this as a major life reorganisation.  I can’t think of a better way of putting it!

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