Good Luck Willowfae

One of this blog’s regular readers has her PGCE interview today. Good luck Willowfae!

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5 Responses to Good Luck Willowfae

  1. willowfae says:

    Thanks 🙂

    I don’t think it went too well. Crying in your interview is never a good sign 😦 (I got all emotional about how I feel about teaching!)

  2. Miss B. Have says:

    Oh dear – never mind, it’s probably not the first time, or the last, that emotions have got the better of an interviewee. I can’t see them holding it against you.

  3. willowfae says:

    Maybe. Just have to wait and see. They said two weeks, but that didn’t stop me checking the tracker this morning!

  4. willowfae says:

    And the results are in …

    … a conditional offer! Of course I won’t know what that is until I get the letter and unless the post is really quick and it comes tomorrow then I won’t hear till Tue at the earliest because of bank holiday 😦

  5. Miss B. Have says:

    Great! Congratulations!

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