Next hurdles….

Right, now that the elation of being successful is over with it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty of moving to a new part of the country, acquiring funding and meeting the conditions of my offer.

It’s too early to make arrangements to move at the moment, though my Other Half has applied for a graduate job so do cross your fingers for him too won’t you? I’ve started looking at rental properties, and I’m heartened to find that we’ll be able to afford a much nicer place than we have at the moment on the same money.

As for meeting the conditions of my offer… That would be French. I’ve started a Language Centre course, which will help and I’ve asked about a subject knowledge booster course in the summer. Hopefully I’ll get some information about that soon. Otherwise my parents are bringing my old books from A Level when they come to visit in a week or so, perhaps I’ll find something useful in there. 

The big issue is the Student Loan Company. I have plenty of experience of applying for loans, and a similar amount of experience of getting well and truly fed up with them! I must admit I’ve been putting off beginning the application process, it’s a highly annoying and long winded process and I’m not looking forward to it. I suppose I’d better get on with it soon though. As an independent student and a MFL student I should be better off than most students, getting the full loan, help with fees and a £9000 bursary. As it’s tax free I won’t be much worse off than I am at the moment. Got to jump through some hoops to get it though. I’ll keep you updated. 

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