Still nothing

I’m starting to worry about my sanity. I spent all Saturday morning stressing about the post – there was none – and today I’m checking the online tracking system compulsively (approximately every 30 minutes, sometimes less). I know that there’s still time, but I’m feeling kind of aimless, like I don’t know what to do with myself. Once I have an offer there’s loads to do, student loan, house hunting, not to mention learning my second language but until an offer materialises I simply have to wait.

It’s very frustrating!
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2 Responses to Still nothing

  1. The Razzler says:

    Where are you hoping to train?

    I would offer advice on staying calm and not worrying, but the words pot and kettle spring to mind…

  2. Miss B. Have says:

    Leeds would be the first choice. We’re sticking to our plan of moving North, but not as far as home.

    I feel as calm and unworried as it’s possible to be under the circumstances. Mostly I just feel frustrated and a bit aimless.

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