Well, I’m back from the scary interview… it could have been better, but it could have been a hell of a lot worse! The interview started with a comprehension exercise about boys/girls learning styles in a library of childrens’ fiction (it was very hard not to get distracted). The actual interview itself was quite pleasant, the interviewers were friendly and relaxed, and they asked me questions about my experiences, hobbies, degree etc. The German section was quite good, we chatted about my year abroad, what I did and how I found it. The French section was almost suicidally bad! I stumbled over every word. This was followed by a discussion now how I could best improve my French and a comment was made that any offer would be dependent my improving my obviously awful french. This is something I would be willing to do… I hope I made that sufficiently clear. After my question about 6th form teaching was answered I was sent back to the library to write my mini-essays in French and German. They were probably a bit rushed, as I needed to leave for the train, but the French was infinitely better than my speaking, while still not being that good. Then I came home, complete with grouching and complaining about the British rail system and the horrible weather.

I’ve been told that it’ll take 2-3 weeks to hear back, but a fellow MFL PGCE applicant (a virtual acquaintance from the tes forums) to the same uni heard of her acceptance within a week (3 working days) so I have hopes of hearing soon. 

Thank you for all the messages of support. I promise to post the result as soon as I have one. 

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2 Responses to Debrief

  1. The Razzler says:

    Ta for the debrief. I’m sure you did really well.

  2. willowfae says:

    The waiting is awful, isn’t it? Fingers crossed!

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