As the interview approaches…

Well, the train tickets are bought (though I’m still worried about relying on the railway system for something this important), all my documents have been dug out and photocopied (degree certificate, A Level and GCSE results, passport, bank statement and utility bills) and the paperwork has been completed. French has been learned to the level where it is still very bad, and has managed to push a significant amount of German out of my head – so just the right amount then, and, as this blog bears witness, I have spent some time thinking about my motivations for becoming a teacher, as well as current educational issues. I didn’t manage to get any observation though – nice lady from the gym never contacted me – I think she might have taken my number wrong. Still, this is a small thing, so other than this I think I’m as ready as I’m ever going to be and there’s nothing to worry about!

Wish someone would tell my stomach that.
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