What Makes a Good Teacher

I googled ‘what makes a good teacher’ and got quite a few hits. Clearly this is something that has been thought about and considered by a lot of people around the world. Teachers are important because they help to shape the next generation of people, and good teachers can have a long term effect that goes well beyond just getting good/bad marks in their subject.
Here are a few examples I’ve gleaned from my surfing.

  • good teachers really want to be good teachers
  • good teachers listen
  • good teachers take risks
  • good teachers never have enough time
  • good teachers love their subject and are able to convey this
  • good teachers are firm but fair. 
  • good teachers are fun
  • good teachers try to understand their students

When I was at school my favourite teachers were the ones who loved their subject and made me love it too. They were the ones with a sense of humour but good classroom management skills. Most importantly, they were the ones that made me feel like I had really achieved something. 

Usually these were the same people. 

This survey asked the most appropriate group – my favourite was the young lad who said the best teachers are the ones that don’t turn up!
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