Interview date

Yay! My interview date has come through – though the snail mail was clearly faster than the GTTR tracking system. 

I’m terrified though – I have to write in French (and German and English, though I’m not too scared about those) and I can still pretty much only say “je m’appelle Miss B Have, j’ai deux frères!” So I have two weeks to get my french up to date – find a school willing to let my do some observation – and get up to date with current educational issues. I’m worried about the french, but I can swot up on the relevant vocab, and I’m not sure I can get a school at this short notice, especially as it’s Easter holidays at the moment. This is the biggest worry of all I think! 

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4 Responses to Interview date

  1. david santos says:

    Excellent posting, Miss!
    Thank you
    I loved this blog.

  2. willowfae says:

    Congrats on getting an interview. I checked my tracker today and I also have an interview (29 April)

  3. Miss B. Have says:

    Congrats right back. My tracker still says ‘your application has been sent for consideration’. If I relied on it I’m miss the bloody interview.

  4. willowfae says:


    Mine still said that, but when I clicked on ‘choices’ it gave an interview date.

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